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Who's this girl? 

Elizabeth Cullins, here. 

I am a wife to a curly headed home builder,& mother to a college girl. Photographer, designer, writer, blogger, designer & lover of all things turquoise & floral. 

 I love to surround myself with beautiful things. Farm & city girl all wrapped up into one! Pretty much passionate about life in general! 

Resistant to the "digital world", I turned away a  new digital camera given to me by the curly headed guy many years ago. I was sworn to film forever. After all, there were State Fair ribbons involved in my photographs in the "film world". Blue ones! #filmforever, I proclaimed! 

He tried again with these words, "You really need to try this, you are really good this, you should go for it!". Then, fairy dust sprinkled down all around us as we kissed in the middle of the kitchen. In my mind.

I enter the digital world. And, never look back.

Life is short. You should have images that tell stories of your life  for generations to come. Let me help you capture these images! 

Pursue around my website & blog, I think you will enjoy yourself! 

Contact me soon! 405.650.2901